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The Foxpunter ante-post research course

Club Previews

Get your card marked for 2019/20 as Mike Holden applies his vast knowledge of various models to provide a fascinating overview of culture and psychology for all 92 clubs, plus analysis of tactics and performance data.

xG Tables

It's not all about psychology and intuition. Get all of last season's xG data, sliced and diced into 100+ tables by time segment, game state and tactical identity, all available in home and away format with historical comparisons.

Manager Profiles

An in-depth breakdown of managers, sharing quotes and anecdotes from years of deep research. Mike Holden applies the Myers-Briggs typology system to reveal best-fit personality type and cognitive function stack.

Research Links

Get access to the wealth of resources went into the making of the club previews and manager profiles. Avoid the click-bait articles and follow direct links to some of the most relevant content from external sources.

Daily Podcasts

If you're a podcast addict and need an audio fix over the summer, worry not. Mike Holden will be talking through his club previews and manager profiles every working day for six weeks during June and July.

Facebook Group

Become part of the Foxpunter community and run your ante-post thoughts past other members. Or simply ask questions for quick feedback on certain aspects of the Myers-Briggs typology system you don't understand.

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